9-foot pill bottle will be displayed in Public Square to illustrate the opioid crisis in NEO

Posted at 8:47 AM, Jul 25, 2017
and last updated 2017-07-25 14:40:36-04

The effects of the opioid crisis are highlighted in public campaigns, new projects and grassroots community efforts. 

The latest to illustrate the growing crisis plaguing the Northeast Ohio is a 9-foot pill bottle display coming to Public Square. It's part of the Opioid: Know the Risks campaign.

The display will include a person standing inside a 9-foot pill bottle, representing how someone could be trapped inside their own addiction.

In Summit County, the health department is teaming up with the 'Akron Say No to Dope' campaign to train the public on how to use Narcan.

Brenda Cameron Ryan, who teaches Narcan classes, said the community needs to do their part to fight the opioid crisis.

"We have people that come that just want to come and take the training just to be knowledgeable and just to be educated and then to carry it with them in case they ever run into that," Ryan said. " We don't have everybody that comes through the class doesn't necessarily have a family member that is addicted. They just want to have the Narcan in case they run into someone that ever needs it." 

So far, they have trained around 130 people.

The 9-foot pill bottle display is expected to arrive in Public Square sometime on Tuesday afternoon.