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Animal rights group holds funeral, march at West Side Market protesting violence against animals

Posted at 3:53 PM, Jun 03, 2018

Animal rights activists were turning heads at the West Side Market on Sunday.

About four dozen people marched through the market demanding that people stop torturing and killing animals after holding a funeral for animals killed in Cleveland.

The group, Species Revolution, spoke about each animal honored at the funeral and described how they were killed. 

The group said they hope their message made people think about their everyday life choices and the food they eat. 

"They're beings with feelings just like us," organizer Abhujit Mudugandi said. "We need to see them as people." 

Species Revolution also wrote an Animal Rights Declaration which they hope can get national recognition. In it they explain that animals deserve rights including the right to medical care, the right to have legal representation when their interests are violated and the right to protection.

The march and funeral was part of the group's four-day Animal Rights Conference.