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Authorities capture man accused of viciously beating 88-year-old woman, police says

Posted at 6:00 PM, May 30, 2019
and last updated 2019-05-30 23:55:09-04

MAPLE HEIGHTS, Ohio — Police say that the man accused of beating an elderly woman so badly she was left with facial fractures, broken teeth and is now suffering from hearing loss at a bus stop has been captured.

On May 6, an 88-year-old woman was found laying on the ground calling for help near the sidewalk of Turney Road, police said.

Police said the woman was suffering from severe head injuries.

She told officers that a man had walked up to her and hit her in the head.

After the man hit her, he crossed the street and casually walked away from the area, police said.

News of an arrest was a relief to Marie Willis.

"I'm like not in Maple Heights," said Willis. "That's what kept freaking me out, not out here in Maple Heights, this couldn't have happened in Maple Heights." Willis said the victim was a regular inside 1 Stop Gas and Food Mart.

"We had nice little conversations," said Willis. She brings us nice little gifts sometimes."

On the day of the attack it was earrings. Willis says the 88-year-old then headed across the street to sit and wait for the bus to take her home. The next thing she knew, there were sirens and flashing lights outside the store.

"I'm like what happened," said Willis. "So then they told me that somebody punched her. So I was like 'oh my God! How did that happen so fast?"

Authorities said the victim spent a week at Metro Hospital and has a long recovery ahead of her.

Police said tips from the community and DNA evidence helped them arrest the man.

He has not yet been formally charged.

While Willis doesn't recognize the man from the neighborhood, she knows what she'd say to him after the brutal attack that left her friend bruised and broken.

"Put some God in your life," said Willis. "Put some God in your life and get some help for the anger you're dealing with."