Barbers at Urban Kutz pull overdosed man from moving vehicle and give CPR

Posted at 10:59 AM, Sep 24, 2016

Barbers at Urban Kutz on Pearl Road sprang into action when they witnessed a man passed out in his moving vehicle, apparently overdosed on heroin.  

Waverly Willis, a barber at the shop, took to Facebook to share a video of a man being revived with naloxone by members of the Cleveland Fire Department. 

In his post, Willis said the barbers "had to literally jump in this guy's car to stop it because he had overdosed on heroin and was slumped over while the car was still moving in traffic." 

Willis said he and other barbers pulled the man from his vehicle and performed CPR until medical officials arrived. 

Frank Chontos, an assistant chief with Cleveland Fire Department, confirmed the report. He said Engine 42 responded to the call and gave the man two doses of naloxone to reverse his overdose. The man was removed from his vehicle by the employees prior to the arrival of CFD, Chontos said.

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The overdose in front of Urban Kutz is the latest incident in a harrowing heroin epidemic hitting Northeast Ohio especially hard. Just two weeks ago on Sept. 10, the city of Akron saw 24 overdoses in a single night due to "a bad batch," according to authorities.