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Basketball hoops reinstalled at Madison Park following 2 shootings

Madison Park Lakewood basketball court
Posted at 6:39 PM, Apr 29, 2021
and last updated 2021-04-30 00:40:41-04

LAKEWOOD, Ohio — Basketball hoops are back at Madison Park in Lakewood following an investigation by the city into two shootings there.

According to a statement from the City of Lakewood, police advised the temporary removal of the hoops until the investigation was complete.

Two 18-year-olds have since been arrested and charged in connection with the April 13 shooting at Madison Park that sent an 18-year-old to the hospital.

“I actually am supportive of reopening the court at Madison Park,” Lakewood City Council President Dan O’Malley said.

In that written statement, the city also stated there will be an increased police presence near the park moving forward and improvements to a community mentorship program there.

“The basketball courts are enjoyed responsibly by 99.9% of the kids and adults who are up there every single day,” O’Malley said. “We're not going to surrender these courts to a few bad apples who have come in and unfortunately acted very irresponsibly.”

Businessman Scott Carpenter is a lifelong Lakewood resident who said he’s relieved to see the hoops re-installed and looks forward to seeing kids back on the court.

“Kids are going to have fights. That's going to happen. It's just sad that there are so many people that have troubles and are carrying guns. That's a problem. The parks should be for everybody and we should all feel safe playing, walking through the parks,” Carpenter said. “This mentorship program will be a help to the community and keeping things under control.”

Landing Point Financial Group announced it will host a block party and youth panel at Madison Park Saturday at 4 p.m.