Bay Village uses cameras on outside of bus to keep children safe while getting on & off the bus

Video given to police who can issue $250 tickets
Posted at 5:38 PM, Sep 12, 2016

Like all school buses, Bay Village has stop sign arms, but take a closer look and you'll notice something else, cameras are mounted on the outside of the bus.

The videos have captured images of drivers going around a stopped school bus.

State law permits school buses to use the cameras, so police can issue tickets to drivers going around the school bus stop sign arm.

The video evidence is given to Bay Village police who can issue tickets that cost $250, plus more money for court costs.

School leaders want students to be safe getting on and off the bus, they also want people to be patient and to know that some of their buses have cameras on them.

"We want people to stop and always be patient, and the busses don't stop for very long, I think it's just the flow of the traffic, they're busy, they want to get to work, they're hustling but, the signs and the lights are very obvious,” said Superintendent Clint Keefer.

We called school systems in Amherst, Cleveland, Westlake, Mentor and Beachwood and none of them have the camera systems.