Bedford PD confiscate 4 fake guns in one night

Posted at 6:33 PM, May 04, 2016
and last updated 2016-05-04 18:49:04-04

Bedford Police confiscated four fake guns in one night.

Bedford Police responded to a call about cars being broken into in the parking lot of Corkhill Apartments.

Police arrived and started chasing several teenaged suspects.

Police said two of the suspects threw their guns on the ground. A third one had a gun in his back pocket.

The guns turned out to be fake, but made to look real.

Detective Sergeant Rick Suts said more teenagers and young adults are using airsoft or fake guns to commit crimes.

Suts said it's nearly impossible for police to tell which guns are real or fake in the heat of the moment.

Every detail made by the manufacturer is made to look real, including on a long pellet gun.

“The attachment on the end of the barrel is a suppressor, a fake suppressor, to mimic a silencer," Suts said.

Imagine trying to determine the difference at night in low lighting.

Suts demonstrated just that in a dark training room.

"Now if you could picture turning the corner and someone is pointing his gun at someone, and you need to make a split second decision to save their life, there's no way to tell, this is not a real gun."

Reporter Paul Kiska asked Suts why teens were not getting the message that fake guns can lead to tragedy if a cop thinks the gun is real.  

"It's not that they're not only getting the message, the more realistic the gun is the more they want it, the more they want something that looks real." Suts said.

The teens arrested face numerous charges.

Suts said if someone uses a fake gun to commit a crime, they can be charged the same crime as if they used a real gun.