Brick thrown through church window in N. Olmsted

Posted at 1:47 PM, Apr 12, 2016

Police are investigating a window that was broken with a brick at Christ the King Church.

On April 6, the complainant, identified as Rebekah Kerney, reported criminal damaging at Christ the
King Church, police reported.

Kerney told police sometime between 5:30 p.m. on April 4 and 7:30 a.m. on April 6, someone threw a brick at the stained glass window on the east side of the building. The window frame consisted of three layers of glass: an outer layer of safety glass, the stained glass panels and an inner layer of safety glass. The outer layer was smashed and several sections of the stained glass were damaged. The interior layer of safety glass was not damaged.

An officer said he located half of a brick on the exterior window sill. The brick was taken to the North Olmsted Police Department for evidence. 

Kerney said she received several calls from a "David," representing the Willet Hauser Company, within the past week. Willet Hauser specializes in stained glass window designs, repair and restorations, according to police. Kerney stated that "David" was becoming "pushy." After the window was damaged she returned "David's" call and was told that "David" was at the church on April 4 and nobody answered the door.

Police reported Kerney asked if "David" could repair the damaged window and was told that he couldn't because he was now in Philadelphia.

At the time of this report there were no known suspects or witnesses, police said. 

Police contacted Willet Hauser and spoke with a woman who was able to confirm that David Krysiak was employed and was in the Cleveland area on April 4. An officer advised the woman of the reported damage and she said that Krysiak has been an excellent, respected, long time employee. She stated that she would contact Krysiak and have him call police. She also checked the company records for Christ the King Church and found that in September of 2015, Kerney contacted Willet Hauser about the stained glass windows at the church. The contact
information was provided to Krysiak.

Krysiak called police and reported that he was assigned the follow up to Kerney's contact in September 2015. He made several attempts to contact Kerney, all with negative results. He called the church and was able to talk to someone that told him Kerney was on leave and would not return for a while. Krysiak said he stopped calling the church.

About two weeks ago, according to police, Kerney contacted Willet Hauser again and the information was forwarded to Krysiak. He made several attempts to contact Kerney, but none of his calls were returned.

On April 4, Krysiak visited Christ the King sometime between 11 a.m.and noon, police said. He made several attempts to have someone answer the door to meet him, but no one did. There was no answer by phone, so he left the area for Philadelphia. While in Philadelphia he received a call from Kerney and she asked him if he could fix the broken window.

Kerney stated that there were several staff members and contractors at the church on April 4 and
nobody saw or heard anyone at the front door.