Child shot in drive-by shooting on Saturday, grandmother said people keep shooting at her home

Posted at 4:23 PM, May 16, 2017
and last updated 2017-05-17 06:28:56-04

A Cleveland woman said her home has been shot up several times in the past six months— the most recent shooting on Sunday injured her four children.

She does not want to be identified, out of fear for what's been happening, but shared her story with News 5 without showing her face on camera. 

She said after 9 p.m. on Mother's Day she put her 4 grandchildren to bed after a family party. 

Shortly after, "all I hear is a whole bunch of gun shots," said the grandmother.

All four of the children injured. 

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"All my grand babies come out their room oldest one got shot in the leg with a bullet. You can see all the skin off his leg," she described. 

She said it's not the first time her house has been shot up and enough is enough.

"I want them to find out who's doing this. I want something done," she said. 

Cleveland Police confirm they have investigated and gathered evidence at the home and also interviewed victims, but say they still haven't identified a shooting suspect.

"I don't want to wonder. Keep looking over my shoulder...I never thought we would be going through this." she said. 

Cleveland Police said they only have two cases on record associated with this address, and have been working since January to get in touch with this woman. 

The shooting is currently an open investigation.