Director of Cleveland's abortion clinic, Preterm, says the facility is under siege by repeat vandal

Posted at 10:12 PM, Jun 21, 2017

People working at Cleveland’s only abortion clinic said they are under siege by a man repeatedly vandalizing their property. Police are trying to find the person responsible.

PretermExecutive Director Chrisse France said she believed the same man is responsible for breaking ten windows in the last three months at their Shaker Boulevard offices.

The latest happened earlier this week and it was caught on surveillance video and handed over to police. France said the repeat crimes are no coincidence.

“I believe that because of the number of windows, and the fact that it hasn’t happened anywhere else in the neighborhood, that this is targeted to us, specifically as an abortion provider,” France said. “We’re not going to be intimidated.”

Preterm has attracted its fair share of controversy. It’s hard to miss their billboards reading “I’m grateful for my abortion,” and Wednesday it might have been just as difficult to miss the bright yellow protest signage outside.

“This is the only abortion mill in the city of Cleveland, but it’s also the largest,” protestor Fred Sokol said.

Sokol stood outside the office holding a cross and rosary beads and wearing a yellow sandwich board that reads “Pray to end abortion.”

While he believes there’s “great violence” happening inside Preterm’s offices, he said responding with vandalism accomplishes nothing.

“When somebody practices violence, yes we’re very disappointed in that,” he said, “Because they’re not getting the message.”

Cleveland Police are asking anyone who may recognize the man to call them at 216-623-5418.