Cleveland man logs on Facebook, discovers missing car will be sold at police auction

News 5 tracked the car down
Posted at 5:57 PM, Oct 14, 2016
and last updated 2016-10-14 18:40:15-04

A Cleveland man said Friday he was surprised to see his car, thought to have been destroyed several months ago, listed for auction online.

Sam Cuyler said a neighbor had his Jaguar X-Type sedan towed from in front of his house back in March after it had been sitting with bad brakes and a flat tire for an extended period of time.

Cuyler said police wanted money to pick it up, so he took his time. Several weeks later when he went to retrieve it, he said an officer told him he was too late.

“They said they didn’t have the car anymore and that it had been crushed a while back,” Cuyler said. “So at that point, I had to chalk it up as a loss.”

Imagine his surprise, then, when on Friday he logged on to Facebook to see a picture of his car listed as part of a Cleveland police auction this weekend.

A Cleveland Police spokesperson refused to answer questions on camera, but in an email exchange said: "Registered mail was sent out to the titled owner but the mail was not retrieved.  The vehicle went through the titling process and is now on the list for auction.  I have no information relative to the vehicle being crushed.  Clearly, it was not.”

She also had no answer for where thousands of dollars in belongings, Cuyler claims were sitting the car, may have gone. He said he’s missing expensive golf clubs, Air Jordan sneakers and football cleats, to name a few.

“The golf clubs alone are about $2,000 with everything in the bag,” Cuyler said. “I mean, if you threw those away — that doesn’t make any sense. If you knew what you had, you wouldn’t have done it.”