Cleveland man needs seven hours of surgery after falling into construction ditch on W. 130th Street

Several cars have also fallen in
Posted at 11:38 PM, Oct 21, 2016
and last updated 2016-10-22 09:19:45-04

A Cleveland man said he was injured falling into a construction ditch on West 130th Street, the same hole that caused damages to multiple cars that unknowingly drove into the ditch. 

Security cameras captured at least two cars driving into the ditch on Tuesday night, before the project was marked off with construction tape. 

John Kelley, 44, said he was walking from a business up the street when he tumbled into the hole, noticing the two-foot drop with enough time to push his wife out of the way. 

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Kelley broke his fall with his right arm, and according to medical records, he tore six tendons in when he fell. The injury required seven hours of surgery on Wednesday to repair it. 

“There needs to be more warning,” said Kelley, who learned that he would likely be out of work of the next 12 weeks. “It’s just wrong there’s no other word for it.”

Cuyahoga County Chief Construction Engineer Mike Tworzydlo said that it’s the contractor’s responsibility to investigate claims of damage. Perk Construction is in charge of the project. 

In response to claims of vehicle damage, Perk Construction CEO Tony Cifani said in a statement Thursday that the drivers were likely at fault.

“We installed ramping and placed drums (barrels) … pursuant to all applicable laws and regulations," the statement said. “To the extend that a driver got confused or was not paying attention … is unfortunate. However, it was not the result of any illegality or failure by our company.”

Perk Construction did not comment when asked about Kelley's injuries on Friday.