Cleveland Metropolitan School District unveils bus tracking portal

Posted at 8:12 AM, Aug 14, 2017
and last updated 2017-08-14 08:29:45-04

Summer is over for some students. To help parents and students with the adjustment, the Cleveland Metropolitan School District unveiled a bus tracker that allows parents to find where their child's bus is on its route.

"This is something that the district is very excited about," said Eric Taylor, the Executive Director of Transportation at CMSD.

While it sounds like an app, it's actually an online portal.

Parents sign up for it on the Cleveland Metropolitan School District website.

The bus tracker will track district students in kindergarten through sixth grade who ride yellow school buses. Parents can start using the portal about an hour before the scheduled pick up. 

"You know where the bus is and what time it's going to get to your stop," said Taylor.

Taylor said it will be helpful during the winter months when buses are delayed and school closures are more likely. He's also hoping it will decrease the number of phone calls the district gets on a regular basis.

The transportation department gets more than 1,000 calls from parents during the first weeks of school asking about their child's bus.

"We feel it's going to definitely increase communication," said Taylor. 

Other school districts across Northeast Ohio are already using school bus tracking technology.