Cleveland police arrest man who fired shots at them using an AR rifle

Posted at 12:14 PM, Apr 24, 2017
and last updated 2017-04-24 12:14:49-04

Police responded on Sunday to a disturbance at R.O.C. Bar at 3021 W. 105th Street. When they arrived, several people reported hearing shots from behind the bar.

Witnesses also said they saw a man running with a long barrel rifle wrapped in a coat to the backyard of nearby 3029 W. 105th Street.

Officers responding to the scene started to follow shots fired, according to a police news release. During the chase, an officer said that four rounds were fired in his direction.

In the backyard of 3069 West 104th Street, officers found an AR rifle wrapped in a sweater. Next door, they found a blue jacket with white writing on the back that spelled "long live Kobe." As police continued to search the surrounding area for the suspect, they discovered a man banging on the front door of a house.

When police arrested the man, they found empty casings that matched the ammunition of an AR 556 rifle. Inside the jacket's left pocket, a purple Crown Royal bag contained what appeared to be a small bag of crack cocaine and a small bag of marijuana.

As further investigation showed, the man had several felony arrests for narcotics and crimes of violence.