CLE PD start foot patrol to build bond with city

Posted at 11:05 PM, Sep 29, 2015
and last updated 2015-09-29 23:05:27-04

Cleveland Police Officers in the 5th District are taking steps to build a stronger relationship with residents; literally. 

Officer Robert Frost and Sgt. Joe Hageman are two 5th District police officers who are part of the foot patrol who regularly patrol the district on foot.

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They are getting to know the people who live and work in the neighborhoods as they visit businesses and talk to residents daily. 

"Everybody knows what's going on in this city. It's crazy. Just to see police walking up and down the street I feel safer," said Walter Attaway who works at an East 105th Street business. 

"They feel at ease talking to us, when we are walking," said Frost.

Frost was born, raised and lives in the 5th District. He believes reaching out to the children is crucial.

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"Catch the kids in elementary school, we can't wait to middle school, sometimes it's too late," added Frost. 

Hageman said the community has been unbelievable.

"People beep and wave," Hageman said. "They're so happy we're out here." 

Officers are trying to reach one person at a time and they believe it is working.

"I've definitely seen it pay off," said Commander Dennis Hill. 

Just last week, Hill said they were able to stop a shooting before it happened because of information from the community.


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