Cleveland Water customer stories, reactions pour in after News 5 special investigation

Posted at 6:21 PM, Dec 23, 2016
and last updated 2016-12-23 18:21:20-05

Numerous people have written to News 5 to share their own stories after watching our year-long investigation into the Cleveland water department, "Drowning in Dysfunction," that aired Thursday. 

The report has sparked conversation in our community on this important issue after residents and others on social media learned what we uncovered about the utility's tactics, and voiced their concerns.

One person emailed saying, "We never contacted any media about any story but WEWS is going above and beyond our expectations with their story on the Cleveland Water Department. Bravo."

Another person emailed us and said they received a $19,000 water bill that they did not understand, and that the "water department refused to give them answers." They also wrote that Cleveland Water has "been dishonest for a very long time." 

A restaurant owner wrote to us, "I am going to have to close my doors because of the crazy sewer bills." Sewer bills are tied to customers' water bill usage. 

Phone calls, emails, tweets and comments on Facebook both during and after the report came flooding in to News 5 Investigators.

One poster wants a "class action lawsuit against Cleveland Water collectively and personally" for the department's employees.

Another post reads, "There is something wrong when a monopoly can exist and no agency is stepping in to resolve." 

You can view our full investigation, watch our water customer town hall and use our feedback form to voice your experiences with the Cleveland Water Departmenthere. We will continue to work to advocate for your rights as a Cleveland water customer and hold officials at the Cleveland Water Department accountable to achieve reform.