Cleveland woman does her own detective work to find stolen car

Says police were slow to respond
Posted at 5:41 PM, Nov 04, 2016

A Cleveland woman did her own detective work after she said police were slow to respond to a report about her stolen car and wallet.

Alyssa Kubec, 27, said her locked 2014 Nissan Rouge was stolen from her driveway on West 128th Street early Thursday morning. She said her wallet was also in the car.

Police took an hour to respond to her call. They filed a report, but she said that was about all.

“I felt like I almost wasn’t taken seriously,” she said. “I know that they have a lot going on and this is just a missing car so it’s not as big of a deal as some other things, so I just thought I would do a little detective work myself.”

Kubec said she visited three businesses where the man who stole her car made purchases. She was able to obtain a surveillance image of him using her card, as well as a receipt with her information on it along with his signature.

She posted that information along with a picture of her car and the license plate number on Facebook. The blue SUV has an Ohio 45-day plate #D656473. By Friday afternoon the post had been shared more than 400 times and counting.

"I feel very, very violated,” Kubec said, knowing her personal information was stolen.

Kubec said she only had the car a month and is now relying on friends and family to get to her social work job in Oakwood Village.

“It’s my baby! I just got this car on October 1. This is my first brand new car,” she said. "I just graduated from grad school in May ... My last car was a 2003 Ford Taurus with 197,000 miles on it.”

A Cleveland Police spokesperson confirmed a report was filed, but declined to answer any further questions about the case.