Cleveland woman's stolen car found through her own detective work

She found it parked outside Target
Posted at 10:03 PM, Nov 05, 2016

A Cleveland woman, who took on the role of pseudo-police investigator to find her stolen car and wallet, said Saturday that case is now closed.

Alyssa Kubec, 27, said she began doing her own detective work to find her stolen 2014 Nissan Rouge, because Cleveland police officers took too long to start investigating.

A Cleveland Police spokesperson declined an interview request.

Kubec said she came outside her W. 128th St. home on Thursday morning to find her locked car swiped from the driveway, her wallet still inside. Using phone notifications about nearby purchases made, she was able to obtain a signed receipt and a surveillance image of the suspected thief.

It’s an image she posted on Facebook, which was shared nearly 600 times as of Saturday.

Two days after it went missing, Kubec found the car in the parking lot of the W. 117th St. Target store, after other Facebook users suggested searching nearby parking lots.

“Well this is a big busy open parking lot,” Kubec said. "Somebody could easily drop a stolen car off their and nobody pay attention. That’s exactly what he did.”

She said a target security guard searched surveillance video and found the man parking the car around 11 a.m. on Friday.

Kubec said she’s relieved to have her car back, but worried he could strike again.

“If he did this to me and thinks he can get away with it and was so bold,” she said, “What makes you think he’s not doing it everywhere else?”