Confirmed case of bed bugs at Parma Senior High School

Posted at 5:48 PM, Aug 24, 2017
and last updated 2017-08-24 17:48:40-04

An exterminator is set to take care of a confirmed case of bed bugs at Parma Senior High School Thursday evening.

The district reports the affected area is closed and secured from the rest of the school population.

An exterminator will come in and heat the area to a specific temperature in an attempt to kill all of the bugs. The room will be re-examined after 24 hours to make sure all the bugs are gone. Once the area is determined to be bug-free, it will reopen.

The district says the heat treatment method is the most effective to treat bed bugs and no harmful chemicals or pesticides need to be used.

The school will remain open tomorrow.

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Below is the transcript of the call sent out to parents Thursday afternoon:

Based on a search conducted by a trained K9, it was confirmed that Parma Senior had an isolated area with bed bug presence. The area was immediately secured and locked to isolate possible bugs. The area will be treated this evening, Thursday, August 24 using a technique of heating the area to an appropriate temperature to eliminate the possibility of live bugs. We will remain open tomorrow and throughout the week as neither the isolation of the area nor the heating of the area interferes with education. We area also working closely with the pest control contractor and with district health officials to monitor the building.