Cleveland residents are frustrated over the construction on the Shoreway

Posted at 7:16 AM, Aug 17, 2017

So many cars are taking the Shoreway by Edgewater Park to and from work, but the years-long construction project has many drivers angry.

Their concerns surround various issues, including the condition that stretch of road has been left in.

"It's a mess," said Clevelander Katie Monroe talking about the long stretch of the Shoreway.

Monroe and others say they haven't seen work crews in this main area of the highway for days on end. 

"You go down there no matter what time of day and there aren't any workers on there," Monroe said.

So, there the busy road sits with lanes shut down, significant bumps in the road and numerous sharp edges on sewer grates and manhole covers exposed to the many tires that roll by.

"That's messing up your struts and shocks when you're driving on them," said Trenasia Levert.

Levert is a longtime Clevelander, too, who takes the Shoreway often. She hates dodging the large, dangerous metal covers. She's also upset about what she called confusing lane closings during the construction.

"It makes it to one, one weekend. The next week it's back to two, then the following week it's one," Levert explained. "It's never know until you ride it and sometimes that can cause an accident.

ODOT has said major construction would continue through 2017 and the reason drivers haven't seen work crews on the main stretch is because they're in a different area of the project.

That doesn't sit well with commuters who want more attention on the heaviest traveled section.

"We were just saying when is this going to be done?" Monroe said.

After News 5 called ODOT, the agency says it will be sending out work crews to add hot asphalt to the sides of the manhole covers that are sticking out of the road.

Still no timetable, though, on completing the repaving.