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Cuyahoga Soil and Water Conservation District selling native plants, seeds, trees

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Posted at 4:39 PM, Feb 23, 2020

CLEVELAND — The Cuyahoga Soil and Water Conservation District (SWCD) is selling native plants, trees ad seeds in an effort to protect and restore healthy soil and water resources.

While many people picture the ideal lawn as well-maintained turf grass, those lawns are actually detrimental to the area’s water sources. Most rainwater flows off turf grass, collecting soil and pollutants which then end up in streams, ponds, wetlands, rivers and Lake Erie in an effect known as stormwater pollution, Cuyahoga SWCD said.

By planting native trees, seeds and plants, the root systems help hold in the soil and in turn slows stormwater runoff, according to Cuyahoga SWCD.

Cuyahoga SWCD is selling six different native plant kits, two native conifer tree species, 19 native broadleaf tree species and six different seed packets.

Here is the full list of available native plants, seeds and trees:

Native Plants - There are six native plant kits available – Butterfly/Bird, Prairie, Prairie Grass, Pollinator, Shade, Rain Garden and Wetland kits. Each kit contains 50 native plugs and is suitable for covering about 100 square feet. Kits are $140/each and are shipped directly to the address on the order. Spring deadline is March 11 (kits shipped in late May/early June) - Fall deadline is July 17 (kits shipped the week after Labor Day).

Native Trees - The native tree sale is through a partnership with Licking SWCD. There are two native conifer species and nineteen varieties of native broadleaf trees available. Order deadline is March 24th and pick up will be at Cuyahoga SWCD office mid-April. Prices vary.

Native Seeds - Native seeds are sold year-round and each pack contains enough seed to cover 250 sq. feet. Six seed packets are available including Mesic Woodland Edge, Rain Garden, Ohio Pollinator Oasis, Butterfly/Hummingbird, Mesic Annual/Perennial Forbs, and an Annual Seed Mix. All packets are $15 except the Annual Seed Mix which is $12.

To buy native plants, seeds and trees from Cuyahoga SWCD, click here.