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Delivery to your doorstep: Cleveland Food Bank partners with DoorDash to reach homebound clients

The partnership began during peak pandemic and continues to gain popularity—one delivery at a time.
Posted at 6:56 AM, Jan 04, 2023
and last updated 2023-01-04 06:56:25-05

CLEVELAND — Making sure no one goes hungry, by delivering directly to those in need. The Greater Cleveland Food Bank’s mission to serve continues to grow as grocery prices skyrocket nationwide.

This time around, the non-profit expanded its assistance efforts thanks to the popular mobile delivery app--DoorDash. The partnership began during peak pandemic and continues to gain popularity—one delivery at a time.

Each meal has a meaning and a purpose at the Greater Cleveland Food Bank. The non-profit served 350-thousand people across six counties just last year.

And with food prices constantly increasing—more and more families are experiencing food insecurity.

“We know that inflation has really impacted individuals. Food is more expensive. Gas is more expensive," Jessica Morgan, Chief Programs Officer of the Greater Cleveland Food Bank said.

Enter popular delivery app DoorDash.

The company that so many of us use to get fast food and snacks delivered to our homes—asked the non-profit and several other food banks across the U.S. If they can help alleviate some of the stress.

“I think one of the challenges our individuals who are in their homes and might not have somebody to go pick up food for them. They may not be able to leave homes themselves for a number of reasons," Morgan said.

Morgan says they had been looking into delivery options for years, however, they weren’t sure how it would work logistically.

DoorDash’s infrastructure, staffing and fleet helped bridge the gap and fill in the blanks.

“What we were able to do was identify the people who were in need via our Help Center. People could call us and say I’m in need of a delivery of food," Morgan said.

Once you're registered, here's how it all works:

The DoorDash driver pulls up to the Food Bank loading area.

Workers inside hand off the food to them.

The driver then drops off the items 100 percent free of charge—making deliveries twice a month.

Residents who meet the financial and mileage requirements don’t pay a dime. They don’t even need the DoorDash app to participate in the process.

"Grateful I think is probably the word to sum it up. Individuals who are struggling have a lot of barriers they have to face," Morgan said.

And when it comes to packing bags and boxes--the entire operation would not be possible without the help of a small army of volunteers and donors.

“The community support to help us operate these programs is critical. One dollar donated can help us provide three meals," Morgan said.

The DoorDash partnership has been called a game changer—helping deliver to 5,500 households and 1,500 seniors since March.

Food Bank officials say donations make a difference, and they are necessary to help keep this partnership going.

You can support the non-profit here: Donate now to feed the hungry - Greater Cleveland Food Bank

To check availability and sign up call the Food Bank Help Desk at 216-738-2067 or sign-up here: Get Help | Greater Cleveland Food Bank

Officials can add you to the wait list as slots open up.