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Turkeys running wild in Rocky River don't give a cluck

Posted at 10:24 AM, Mar 28, 2018
and last updated 2018-03-28 10:24:23-04

Gobble, gobble, run!

Wild turkeys are wreaking havoc again in Rocky River. In a matter of hours on the same day, residents in Rocky River reported run-ins with rowdy fowls.

On March 20, a resident contacted Rocky River police to say a wild turkey was "creating havoc" in the middle of Lake Road, near Cravings Cafe. The turkey was moved off the road without any injuries to the turkey or the caller. 

That same day, a wild turkey popped up in the Heinen's parking lot on Detroit Road, upsetting customers.

The feathery culprit was later located relaxing, minding its own business in a grassy area near the parking lot, acting all casual like it hadn't been running wild in Rocky River all day. For the record: officials say they do not know if the disorderly turkey spotted near Cravings Cafe was the same one spotted in the Heinen's.

Wild turkeys are no stranger to Rocky River.

According to the USPS, wild turkeys have created unsafe conditions for postal carriers in January. The turkeys' presence impacted mail delivery to approximately 20 homes in the area of Edgewood Drive, Valley View Drive and High Parkway.

City ordinances prohibit the removal or trapping of the turkeys. The turkey drama continued in February when two young male turkeys were euthanized after a conservation officer spoke to a woman who reported concerns over the turkeys after they began pecking on her leg and pulling her clothing.

Even as the birds became more aggressive, neighbors didn't seem to mind, and some thought euthanizing them went too far. “I didn’t think it was necessary," said Rocky River resident Michael Craig. "If anything, why didn’t they just take them… and let them go somewhere else and see if they do come back?"