Local animal shelters take precautions after distemper outbreak

Posted at 9:20 PM, Sep 14, 2016

More than 60 dogs have been euthanized at the Franklin County Dog Shelter because of distemper concerns. 

Officials said 67 dogs were adopted after one tested positive for the virus early this month. Medical staff at the shelter started medical assessments on all dogs in the building to look for dogs showing symptoms. 

Thirty-two of the dogs were adopted to shelters. Area experts said it is unlikely that any of the dogs are in shelters in Northeast Ohio. 

Animal shelter in Ohio under fire for euthanizing 52 dogs over distemper outbreak

At the Lake Humane Society, like most area shelters, there are protocols in place in an attempt to avoid widespread sickness.

"When animals come through our doors we make sure everyone gets a vaccine," said Lee Nesler, Executive Director of Lake Humane Society. 

The early symptoms of distemper mimic kennel cough.

"Congestion in the nose, eye discharge, fever," said Nesler.

The virus can be spread through the air and that's why she said vaccinations are so important.