Residents want answers after they say police shot their dog and fired several rounds into home

EAST CLEVELAND, Ohio - East Cleveland police shoot a dog on its own front porch, but the animal isn't the only thing they hit.

"I want to know why you were shooting at my house and why you shot my dog," said Laurene Walker.

Walker showed News 5 several bullet holes in her front door and shell casings she recovered.

She says this all started when a neighbor called the police to report 5-year-old Neo was loose in the neighborhood and allegedly chasing someone.

Walker said when police got to her home, the Cane Corso was on its own front porch, but the officers started shooting at her anyway.

"Me and my brother heard them together and then he pushed me down and I started yelling at him like go downstairs, get Bailey, get Anilyah and bring them up here," recalled Walker.

When the bullets finally stopped flying, Walker found her dog with a bullet hole in her front leg.

"I really thought my dog was dead until I ran to her and she climbed in my lap," she said.

Neo is expected to be fine, but Walker wants answers from police. She says there were five children and two adults inside the home during the shooting.

"Why would you let off that many shots into an occupied home? You see cars in the driveway, you see toys all across the yard," she asked.

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