Drivers say school zone cam was used over break

Posted at 9:36 PM, Jan 06, 2016
and last updated 2016-01-07 07:53:11-05

East Cleveland residents claim speeding ticket surveillance for school zone violations, in front of Mayfair Elementary, while classes weren't in session during Christmas break.

Community activist Gerald Strothers told he shot video showing East Cleveland running portable traffic camera radar and issuing tickets in front of the school on Hayden Avenue on Dec. 30 while classes weren't being held.

Strothers posted the video on his Facebook Page, a post that so far has generated 48,000 views.

"So why are they giving away tickets to people going above the school zone limit of 20 miles and hour when there is no school?" asked Strothers.

Strothers pointed to pictures of the school zone signs eastbound on Hayden that were no longer mounted and laying on the ground, signs Strothers said couldn't be seen by drivers and still haven't been replaced.

"They were all on the ground, they were buried in dirt," said Strothers. "No, they haven't been replaced, and people today here on Hayden were doing a traffic cam and giving away tickets."

East Cleveland hired American Traffic Solutions out of Mesa, Ariz. to handle all of its portable traffic camera speed surveillance.

East Cleveland Mayor Gary Norton told portable signs are clearly posted when portable radar isn't being used.

"Anyone who feels their ticket was issued improperly has the ability to appeal it a no cost, and minimal inconvenience," said Norton.

Meanwhile, Strothers is urging all drivers to fight back against what they believe are illegally issued traffic camera tickets.

"Stand up, because we've got to stop this," said Strothers.

"I understand that people don't want to spend three days fighting this ticket that they should not have gotten. It's unfair, and somebody needs to come and help us."


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