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East Cleveland students find mentors at Notre Dame

Posted at 6:19 PM, Nov 15, 2018
and last updated 2018-11-15 18:19:08-05

Apex Academy, a school in East Cleveland is working to save the future.

The middle school-aged boys meet weekly, on Wednesdays to discuss life skills.

About 35 kids participate in the program, it’s called Iron Sharpens Iron.

“Growing up, I was always a part of a mentoring group," said B.J. Baldwin. "I figured, why not do this for somebody else."

Baldwin put the program together, months ago. He said choosing to match students with college students from Notre Dame has worked well. As it has served as accountability from an older male figure. Baldwin said some of the teens come from a single-mother household.

"The first thing out of their mouths was, 'I'm doing good this week,’ “said Baldwin.

Mindel Jackson said the direction he’s received has made a difference.

"It’s kind of building me up into the young man I'm supposed to be,” said Jackson. “They’re like male figures I never had in life and they kind of help me with school. If I try my hardest and believe in myself, I believe I will make it."