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Euclid City Schools puts $5.6m tax levy on the March Primary Election ballot

Posted at 11:57 AM, Dec 18, 2019

EUCLID, Ohio — A proposal to impose a tax levy to shore up the budget of the cash-strapped Euclid City Schools is on the ballot for March 2020, according to a release from Euclid City Schools.

“The need for additional funds for the operation of the district is a result of many factors that have contributed to us once again asking the voters of Euclid to support Euclid Schools,” Euclid City Schools Board of Education President Donna Sudar said in the release.

If approved by voters, the ballot issue would have Euclid City Schools imposing a levy of 8.7 mills for each dollar of valuation to provide for the emergency requirements of the district in the sum of $5.6 million.

The levy would amount to 87 cents for each one hundred dollars of valuation for a period of 10 years commencing in 2020, with the first taxes due in the 2021 calendar year.

The levy would be made outside the 10-mill limitation.

If passed, the owner of a $75,000 home would pay about $19.03 a month.

Euclid voters rejected the additional tax levy in November of this year and in 2018. The district announced drastic cuts over the summer when the levy wasn’t renewed last year.

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The tax levy issue will be on the ballot for the Primary Election, which will happen on March 17, 2020.