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Euclid Fire Department warns residents of bridge repairs, potentially causing slower response times

Posted at 5:41 AM, Mar 02, 2018
and last updated 2018-03-02 06:30:24-05

The Euclid Fire Department is informing residents that bridges on Highland Road between Euclid Avenue and the entrance of Euclid Creek Park will be repaired, causing slower response times for calls of service.

The conditions of the bridges are worse than originally thought by contractors. The city ambulances and fire apparatus are too heavy to travel across the bridge.

Euclid fire told residents on Facebook that they will be working with nearby fire departments such as Richmond Heights, Highland Heights and South Euclid for any reports of building fires or smoke. If residents need an ambulance, Richmond Heights Fire Department will respond for now and should arrive first.

The Euclid Streets that this plan covers includes:

1. Helmsdale Dr.
2. Carrbridge Dr.
3. Aberdeen Dr.
4. Apple Dr.
5. Samuel Dr.
6. Brandywine Dr.
7. Harms Rd. (not to be confused with Arms Ave.)
8. Georgetown Sq.
9. Lexington Sq.
10. Brandywine Sq. (not to be confused with #6)
11. Charleston Sq.
12. Trenton Sq.
13. Richmond Sq.
14. Washington Sq.
15. Georgetown Rd.
16. Hilltop Rd.
17. View Dr.
18. Greenbriar Ct.
19. Trevitt Circle North
20. Trevitt Circle South
21. Trevitt Circle West (Trevitt Circe East does not exist)
22. Katey Rose Ln.
23. Euclid Creek Parkway

At this time, Euclid Fire Department can't provide an answer on how long this will be in effect.