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Fairview Park schools launch student-run coffee company to help students with special needs

Posted at 9:12 AM, Mar 25, 2019
and last updated 2019-03-25 17:04:23-04

FAIRVIEW PARK, Ohio — Stopping for a cup of joe on the way into the office is a common occurrence for many people, but teachers who work at the Fairview Park Middle and High School can skip that extra stop thanks to a brand new business delivering coffee to the classroom.

The Warrior Coffee Company opened for business in early March.

The company, owned by two intervention specialists within the school, got its start with the help of a $600 grant from the Fairview Park Education Foundation. But it's the students who do all of the work—from start to finish.

The group of students with special needs brews the coffee each morning, makes it to order for each teacher and then delivers it right to the classroom.

Mrs. Claire Kohl, a co-owner in the company, said they launched Warrior Coffee Company to help the students expand their skills for their future, whatever that may be.

"All students have different paths whether it’s college bound or career ready and we wanted our student to be able to have the opportunity to learn skills that will benefit them in their future," Mrs. Kohl said. "We’re working with a speech therapist as far as growing their communication skills, we’re working with an occupational therapist or the kids to practice fine motor also the physical therapist. They’re doing some more gross motor and heavy work pushing the carts. The goal is that it will cross into all areas of their future.”

Cole Krizmanich, a 7th-grade employee, said he feels accomplished after delivering coffee each morning.

"We’re doing something good for the teachers," Krizmanich said. "It helps the teachers get their morning started.”

Mrs. Kohl said in just the three weeks that Warrior Coffee Company has been open, it's already benefiting the students involved.

“The kids have exceeded all of our expectations," she said. "Their social skills have grown, they're really talking to the teachers and working with each other. Their organization and fine motor, working through different tasks has really blossomed. We couldn't be more proud of them."

The money made in coffee sales will go towards buying supplies and eventually field trips for the student employees.

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