Family of University of Akron student says he is stuck in Iran as a result of Trump's travel ban

Posted at 11:40 PM, Jan 29, 2017
and last updated 2017-01-30 10:23:32-05

The family of a University of Akron student said the man is stuck in his native country of Iran following President Trump's executive order banning foreigners from entering the U.S. from seven countries.

"These orders completely destroy people like my brother's future," said Azadeh Miran, who added that her brother Morteza Miran cannot receive a student visa to return.

Morteza traveled to Iran to visit family. He is a PhD student at the university, earning his degree in mechanical engineering.

"I think it's a very bad situation for him because he works very hard here, he's a very hard-working student," said Miran who lives in Michigan. "The people like him are very beneficial to the United States."

Below is a portion of the statement from the University of Akron regarding the executive order:

The University of Akron is fully committed to supporting all members of its University family. Without hesitation, this commitment extends to all of our international students, scholars, researchers, and faculty, whose unique contributions enrich the UA experience for everyone, and who positively contribute to our society as a whole.

Read the entire statement here.

The president issued his travel ban on Friday, It bars citizens of seven predominantly Muslim countries from entering the US for 90 days. It also bans the entry of refugees for 120 days.

"To put someone in a position to choose between the life they've set up here and visiting their loved ones overseas is a very difficult thing to go through," said Nazeer Lotfi, a Westlake resident whose wife Fatemeh Mazaheri is a native of Iran.

Under Trump's order, it's unclear whether Mazaheri, as a green card holder,  will be allowed back in the US if she were to visit her parents. And her parents, as part of the order, are banned from visiting the US. Mazaheri and Lotfi said they recently bought a home in Cleveland Heights for them.

"She spent the whole morning in tears yesterday because she just couldn't understand why this was happening," said Lotfi of his wife who speaks little English.

On Saturday, a federal judge issued a temporary stay blocking the deportation of individuals who arrived in the US with valid visas but were denied on entry.