For Lee Jordan, the anchor chair has been a first-class ticket to worldly experiences

Posted at 3:50 PM, Jul 24, 2017
and last updated 2017-07-24 15:50:50-04

During her 30-year career at News 5, reporting has been more than a job for longtime anchor Lee Jordan.

The anchor seat has been a gateway to every corner of the world, allowing Jordan to see world landmarks and have experiences some could only wish for, something she says she never took for granted.

"It gave me memories that I will never forget whether it was traveling to England to meet Princess Diana's brother Charles and do some stories about her and her life," said Jordan.

The number of places Jordan has reported from exceeds counting on two hands. From the white sand beaches of Jamaica to standing in front of larger than life Egyptian pyramids, these experiences were captured not just through a lens but ones imprinted in her memory that she will never forget.

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She has covered events that defined our history, both at home and on the world scale. Jordan reported about Princess Diana's life and legacy, interviewing her brother Charles Spencer. Her favorite stories are about people who have overcome great odds to find health and happiness. She's interviewed Connie Culp at the Cleveland Clinic, who had the world's first near total face transplant.

Her life in the spotlight telling the stories of people living in Northeast Ohio was never a role she took lightly.

"Flying to London on the Concorde and coming back on the QE2 or going to Central America and looking at midnight on the beach for Sea Turtles and standing in front of the pyramids in Egypt. I mean, all of these experiences were not only a continuing education but created so many moments where in that moment you're standing there and just thinking oh my gosh I cannot even believe I'm here," she said. 

A look back in time, Jordan calls her time at News 5 a great joy and a privilege. 

When asked if there was anything that she didn't get to do during her time on the anchor chair she said, "Do you know what? I have not been to the White House. I am very envious of Leon Bibb, by the way, because of that. But I have not been inside the White House so... there's still time!"