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Giant Eagle partners with grocery app to cut down on food waste, offer savings to shoppers across NE Ohio

Posted at 6:13 AM, Sep 16, 2022
and last updated 2022-09-16 06:13:21-04

CLEVELAND — If you feel like you're spending all your money at the grocery store, you're not alone.

Inflation coupled with supply chain issues caused grocery prices across the board to surge.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports all grocery prices jumped by more than 13% over the last year. 

Giant Eagles across Northeast Ohio have taken notice and partnered with the digital marketplace "Flashfood" to bring shoppers steep discounts on fresh foods and produce--nearing the store "Sell By Date".

It's a major saver when it comes to the overall cost and food waste.

When Catherine Sanzi of Olmsted Township steps foot inside Giant Eagle, she’s on a mission, and she’s seeking out sales.

“What’s on my list? What do I need for the immediate day or week is what's on my mind," said Sanzi.

Today, relief is in sight thanks to some newly discovered technology in the form of the smartphone app Flashfood.

Flashfood recently announced expansion efforts at local Giant Eagle stores in the greater Cleveland and Pittsburgh areas.

“We want everybody to have access to really high quality and nutritious food regardless of their budget so this really helps to meet that need," said Hannah Jablonowski, Giant Eagle Spokesperson.

Flashfood offers customers major discounts on food nearing their "best by date" and items that are almost out of season.

Once you download the app—you can scroll through and check out the daily deals.

Sanzi gave it a test run to see if it was worth the hype.

“The pork loin is wonderful! That’s $6.34. And it was 12.69! That’s pretty good.”

From condiments and popcorn to fresh fruits and veggies, to beef and burgers, it's all sold at a fraction of the cost and stocked daily.

“Customers love it, and I do too. They come in, and they are shocked at what they’re getting for what they paid," said Karen Ackerman, a Giant Eagle Employee.

The vast majority of the Flashfood coolers and stations are located right in the front of Giant Eagle stores near the checkout registers.

Shoppers pay directly on the app and then pick up the purchases in-store.

Many are saving upwards of $100-$150 a month.

Flashfood reports within the last year, more than 430,000 pounds of food waste were diverted from landfills across the region.

That's equal to more than 159,000 meals that fed families rather than being thrown into the garbage.

Ackerman says it’s simply smart shopping.

“People think it says 'sell by' so they have to 'consume it by', but that’s not always the case. I freeze meats and veggies and extend the shelf life constantly."

Flashfood is free to download in all smartphone app stores.