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Parents of Greenbriar middle school student say she was punched at school

Posted at 10:15 PM, Jan 30, 2020
and last updated 2020-01-31 11:25:45-05

PARMA, Ohio — A Greenbriar Middle School student’s parents say the school didn’t do enough when she was punched and threatened by another student.

“This is a situation that really needs to be handled when you talk about violence and then escalating to threats of murder,” Tom Battle said.

The incident happened earlier this month.

Kayla Rauschkolb says she was in gym class at Greenbriar Middle school when she confronted another student who she says was showing off by punching a wall.

“I said 'Dude you don't have to keep doing that like it doesn't matter what other people think,'" Kayla said.

But the student kept going and Kayla said something she says she regrets.

“I was like dude just stop cause you're weak,” she said. “I wasn’t trying to be mean at all.”

She says that student got upset and punched the wall next to her.

“His whole faced turned red and he goes like this and he says 'I'm going to murder you're entire family,'” Kayla said. “Before I could turn around he comes out of nowhere and he punches me in my nose.”

Kayla says it didn't stop there.

“I'm walking to Mr. Porach's room and he comes out of nowhere [and] he yanks my bag down,” she said. “I just get right back up and I try to just keep walking and then he grabs my water bottle and smashes. I stay down on the floor and I'm like this is ridiculous.”

Kayla's mom, Jennifer Battle, says she got a call from the school that same day.

“I get a call and it's very minimal, like it was an accident. He was punching by the mat and he accidentally hit her nose, but she's fine. That was the whole call,” Battle said.

Battle says she heard Kayla’s side of the story after school and called the school back. She says officials confirmed what happened, but their response was nonchalant.

“That like really bothered me like you have a school full of students like how are any of us supposed to feel comfortable dropping them off everyday,” she said.

Parma City Schools Superintendent Charles Smialek says the student who hit Kayla was disciplined and has had other reported incidents.

"It was a negative incident. we're not going to sugarcoat that. What happened to the student involved shouldn't have happened, but ultimately our principals did investigate. They spent time with both students. They called both set of parents to try to get their intervention as well and they issued consequences that they felt were appropriate," Smialek said.

Smialek says it's up to the school's administration to determine the how students are disciplined.

“The goal again of any piece of discipline is to always make sure that it doesn't happen again. It's not about necessarily punishment,” he sid. This was really a one-time incident that was certainly negative and again I'm sorry for the student involved and we certainly don't want students to feel unsafe or have bad experiences within our schools. "

Kayla's parents filed a police report over the weekend. Her father, Tom Battle, says he hopes the school becomes more transparent with parents.

“You have to be thorough, you have to communicate with the parents and you have to ensure the safety of all your students within the district,” he said. “I never want her to feel like she's powerless. I never want her to feel like she should be scared in school. I never want to feel like the school can’t protect her.”