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High school student believes remote learning could be 'damaging to student's future'

Posted at 5:21 PM, Dec 07, 2020
and last updated 2020-12-07 18:35:33-05

CLEVELAND — ​Some students in Northeast Ohio have bounced back and forth between online learning and having class in their regular classrooms all semester.

One student in Mayfield Heights said remote learning can be damaging to student's futures.

Sampurna Sarkar took her concerns and put them on paper in this month's Gates Mills Pink Sheet.

"Straight-A students, then they're like F students or like D students now," Sarkar, a sophomore at Mayfield High School said.

Sarkar is succeeding this semester. She is still getting all A's and is still involved.

"I am the captain of the Student Science Olympiad. I'm the treasurer of my student council. I was I played varsity tennis...I feel like I'm bragging," she said.

She had her eyes set on the future even before the pandemic closed schools back in March.

"I want to go to Stanford when I grow up and I love coding," she said.

Sarkar wants to focus on technological engineering and uses her column The Future Fox as a place to pose questions about technology.

"Midterms were canceled because of this," she said.

In her most recent column for the local paper, she interviewed her principal, a middle school teacher, and an anonymous student.

"I really just want to see what everyone else felt like because it's such a terrible time," Sarkar said about her reason for focusing on remote schooling.

She knows it is important to strike a balance. Technology is an important part of life for students but too much screen time can affect them.

"People are seriously struggling," she said about how her friends and classmates are doing nine months into the pandemic.

In spite of the issues, Sarkar said her high school has made the best of it making sure students have everything they need.

Sarkar said she will likely stay home and continue learning online for the Spring semester.