"I'm grateful for my abortion" billboard stirs debate across Northeast Ohio

Posted at 11:10 PM, Jan 17, 2017
and last updated 2017-01-18 08:51:26-05

It’s a controversial billboard catching people’s attention across Cleveland. Preterm, an Ohio-based abortion-rights group has installed five billboards across Northeast Ohio that read, “I’m grateful for my abortion.”

Nina Mink of Parma said the ad she saw on W. 130th St. near Brookpark Rd. stirred up painful memories of her own abortion years ago as a teen mom.

“It hit me really hard. I mean, I was appalled,” Mink said. “You think you’re not going to be a good enough mother. You’re not going to have enough money and it’s got nothing to do with being grateful, believe me.”

But a spokesperson for Preterm argued many women are grateful for the right to make that choice. 

“Throughout Ohio it’s easy to find anti-choice billboards that shame and judge women,” Nancy Starner with Preterm said in a written statement, “Rarely is there a pro-choice message in response.”

But it’s a message that even made some women News 5 spoke with, who support abortion rights, uncomfortable.

“Too much,” Renee Stuart said. "I think a woman has a right to choose, but I don’t think they should put it on a billboard.”

Starner said there are five of the billboards up across the Cleveland area and they are expected to stay up until around June.