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Lakewood coffee shop goes viral after person shares post about their new delicious milkshakes

Posted at 5:36 PM, Apr 23, 2019
and last updated 2019-04-23 20:39:14-04

LAKEWOOD, Ohio — A Facebook post about the delicious milkshakes at Addicted in Lakewood has gone viral.

Addicted opened on Madison Avenue in September of 2017.

The shop, known mostly for coffee, started selling the crazy milkshakes on St. Patrick's day.

Owner Vincent Brunori and his wife Jeannie were surprised how quickly they took off.

Brunori said the line was constantly out the door on Tuesday.

He said the store has been getting a lot of feedback and they are going to start some specials soon involving the milkshakes, possibly some BOGO's.

Brunori said his business is family-owned and his family enjoys being part of the community.

"We’re family-owned and buy everything local. We have a lot of vegan ice creams and we're dog-friendly. We’re a community-based business that is trying to grow but wants to keep the personal touch," Brunori said.

Addicted is teaming up with Meijer's and will be opening two new locations in May at the Mentor and Stow locations.

The coffee shop sells any coffee-based drink a person could want and offers four flavors for the milkshakes, but you can change any base flavor you want.

The milkshakes really caught on after a Facebook user shared how delicious they were.

Joe Ruggiero, the person who made the viral post, was shocked at how far the post spread and was happy for the local company.

"Absolutely insane, I didn’t expect the post to go as viral as it did, but I’m happy for them because they run a great business and have amazing milkshakes! I’m happy I could help them out," Ruggireo said.

Ruggiero said he loved the way the company handled his peanut allergy by putting the shake in a separate container, but he did get to sample the cotton candy milkshake.

"It’s definitely the perfect dessert and one shake can feed two people easily," Ruggiero said.