Lewd images spray-painted on several Strongsville homes

Posted at 3:50 PM, Sep 19, 2017
and last updated 2017-09-19 21:19:20-04

Residents all over Strongsville are dealing with lewd and inappropriate vandalism spray-painted on their homes. 

Mike Hurst told News 5 he is one of the more fortunate of the eight residents hit because he was able to repair his home. 

"I got lucky and found something to take it off," he said. The included a citrus remover and some serious elbow grease. 

"It was a swastika and it said n*****," he said. 

One of the people hit painted over the phallic image sprayed on the front of their corner-lot Strongsville home. 

"A lot of elderly people live around here and they don't need to be seeing perverted stuff like that," neighbor Brandon Caravona said. 

Others had driveways and garages hit. Some required replacement. 

"It's very expensive," Caravona said. 

The vandalism spans different parts of the city. 

One resident caught the vandal on a surveillance camera, and Strongsville police are hoping someone recognizes the suspect.

"We need your help. The video that was taken? We are hoping someone recognizes that person. And we are asking all those leads to call," Chief Mark Fender said. 

Chief Fender told News 5 they believe they're all related.

"They're definitely looking a graffiti charge, which could stem into a higher offense because of what was written," he said.