Local agencies to aid in animal relief efforts in Texas

Posted at 4:13 PM, Aug 28, 2017
and last updated 2017-08-28 18:20:09-04

Agencies in Northeast Ohio are preparing for the possible influx of animals who were stranded and rescued from the flooding caused by Hurricane Harvey.

Animals agencies in Houston are expecting a high number of animals to come into Ohio shelters.

The Cleveland Animal Protective League has been coordinating efforts with animal agencies in Texas for ways to help them make room in their shelters.

Sharon Harvey, president of the Cleveland APL, said the situation is evolving so it's difficult to know in what capacity Houston animal agencies will need agencies like the Cleveland APL.

"It's important to let the public understand that we will only take in animals already up for adoption in local shelters. Not someone's pet. Our goal is to help make space at local shelters," Harvey said.

Harvey said it's difficult to anticipate how many animals will be coming to Cleveland. 

"It's still very early in the situation to tell how many animals will be rescued and in need of shelter."

Cory Griffin, director of operations at Geauga's Humane Society Rescue Village said they have been discussing ways to help agencies with animal relief efforts but specific efforts have not yet been decided.

"We are ready to help in whatever capacity we can," Griffin said.

Due to the anticipated spike in animals in our area, the Cleveland APL is offering a deal at its shelter and its PetSmart center in Parma through Wednesday. You can adopt adult dogs for $60 and cats for $25.