Local businesses cashing in on Cavs' NBA championship

Posted at 6:04 PM, Jun 21, 2016
and last updated 2016-06-21 20:22:13-04

The wine and gold has downtown businesses seeing green. The Cavs' playoff run booked hotels, packed restaurants and overflowed bars. 

At Crop in the Flats business is up by about 20 percent. In fact, Sunday night the restaurant ran out of about 90 percent of their menu and beer selections were down to just a few. "We were down to two to three choices, I was shocked at how much we sold," said Steve Schimoler, owner of Crop. 

Schimoler has now turned his attention to the parade. He is doubling his staff and the restaurant is restocking. 

Crop is not alone. Delivery trucks lined the streets of the Cleveland today. "Good for us and good for the city," said one delivery driver.

It is estimated the Cavs pumped tens of millions of dollars into the city during the playoffs. "People from all over came downtown to spend money before the game, after the game, at parades," said David Gilbert with Destination Cleveland. 

The announcement that the Republican National Convention selected Cleveland and the announcement that Lebron James would return home were made within days of each other two years ago. Now, within weeks of each other each  will put Cleveland in the global spotlight.