Malachi House finds place for all donations

Posted at 6:17 PM, Aug 16, 2016
and last updated 2016-08-16 18:18:12-04

Malachi House in Cleveland's Ohio City neighborhood opened nearly 30 years ago to help the homeless who were dying. 

"It originally started from a need that Father Paul Hritz from St. Malachi Parish saw. He was witnessing the homeless die on his doorstep and under bridges," said Malachi House Executive Director Judy Ghazoul Hilow. 

Malachi House helps terminally ill people in need as well as the homeless who are dying. It is mainly funded by donations and run by volunteers. 

Sometimes, Malachi House receives donations that can not always be used. That's where Jonathan Gray who started Trials For Hope six years ago comes in to help. 

"We use a lot of left overs from different agencies," said Gray. 

There are roughly 23,000 homeless in Cuyahoga County. Gray said he sees the need everyday. 

"The 20 different agencies that we work with are like 20 parts of family and through them we can help more people," added Gray.

Hilow feels it is important to put each and ever donation given to Malachi House be used to help those in need. "We are going full circle. That need is still there. The homeless camps are still there," said Hilow.