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Euclid residents slam city's proposal of developing green space right behind their backyards

Posted at 7:59 AM, Sep 18, 2018

It has the potential to become an asset for Euclid; folks would flock from all across Northeast Ohio just to enjoy the shoreline near East  250th Street. 

But people who live near it, say no way to a project that would bring visitors to their backyards.

"The city needs to finish one project before they go on to another, the city needs to notify the residents," said resident Jean Toth. 

"I just want it left the way it is, plain and simple," said Robert Carpenter, he also lives near the possible development. 

During a packed city council meeting, dozens of others joined them in saying "no" to the $7 million Clean Ohio Green Space Conservation Program. 

"I can see that there is some potential problems with either vandalism, litter, a lack of maintenance," said one resident at the meeting. 

Plenty of people say they not only oppose the plan, but the way they say council tried to pass it behind their backs. They say its been in the works for months, and this is the first time they’ve been allowed to give public comment. 

"There are a lot of folks that support green space that are here tonight against this because of the way in which you did it," said another resident during the meeting. 

Although most folks who gave public comment are opposed, some people say they’d love to see the project complete. 

"If the park is developed at the bottom of East. 260th we will have a destination for our local walks in our neighborhood that we don’t have right now," said one resident. 

The council voted to send the proposal to the developmental committee.