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Hundreds attended massive, out-of-control house party at Seven Hills Airbnb

Posted: 7:22 PM, Jan 03, 2018
Updated: 2018-01-04 00:22:02Z

Police responding to an out-of-control house party at an Airbnb in Seven Hills New Year's weekend found hundreds of intoxicated people packed inside, some of whom authorities said were "throwing up where they stood." 

The New Year's party happened at a home located at 3190 Shelly Drive.

According to authorities, partygoers paid a $5 cover charge to attend the party.

Police arrived after receiving multiple noise complaints and a phone call from the homeowner who had locked himself in a bedroom to get away from the growing mob.  The resident later told authorities he had rented out a room in his house for $40 a night but the guest invited people over for a party.  

According to a police report, the homeowner had made the guest agree to a "no party rule" in order to rent a room. The report said the homeowner was too afraid to confront the renter about the party after it started and it spiraled out of hand.

When officers arrived at the house they found a disaster of 'Animal House' proportions — people were throwing up, trashing the home and breaking television screens.

The police report states several hundred people were "packed so tightly in each of the rooms and up the stairwell, it did not appear there was space for anyone to extend their arms."

Some of the attendees left the party after the first officers arrived but most of them ignored the police and continued to hang out in the house and on the property, the report said.

Seven Hills officers requested backup and nine additional officers from five local departments arrived and helped disperse the crowd.

The reporting officer wrote in the police report: 

People broke open the front windows and began piling out the windows, as police entered the basement several people broke out a basement window and exited through the window.

As people were leaving the party, officers overheard talk from a group of men who said they host these types of parties for $5 a person and then move on to another house when officers arrived.

According to the police report, the party organizer promoted the event as a "New Years Banger" on Twitter.

The party organizer was charged with providing alcohol to minors and criminal damaging, police said.The homeowner received a court summons for a noise disturbance.

The homeowner told News 5 he was at a loss for words after assessing all the damage and shocked to see how quickly the party got out of hand. 

Police said it took over an hour for the crowd to leave the house.