Neighbors on lookout after string of crimes in Westpark neighborhood

Posted at 3:18 PM, Aug 30, 2017

"The break-ins are getting bad," said 10-year Westpark resident Jason McDaniel.

He said they're happening at all times of day.

"They might knock on your door and say they're taking a poll, but they're not really taking a poll they're sizing your house up," he explained.

McDaniel said the quiet family neighborhood has become a hot target for criminals recently.

"The neighbor's house got broken into. They didn't know their spare car keys were taken. Later on, about midnight, dogs were barking, they came out, their car was running and the suspects ran," he said.

Crooks are also grabbing personal documents, according to McDaniel.

"They are taking drivers licenses, social security cards, birth certificates, so they can steal identities," he said.

"The whole community out here trying to figure out what's going on," said longtime resident Princess France.

According to Cleveland police, officers are now actively patrolling the neighborhood. One officer said they're looking for four young men driving a tan sedan.

Police are not the only ones keeping a close eye. Princess France shared a message with News 5 for her lifelong neighbors.

"If they see anything? Pick their nose in it! It's gonna scare them."

The areas where these break-ins are happening include Pearldale and Valleyview Avenues, West 87th Street and Madison Avenue, West 160th Street between Melgrave and Chatfield Avenues and West 166th Street.