New $1.6 million road already needs repairs

Prospect Ave. in Cleveland was just resurfaced
Posted at 6:14 PM, Sep 23, 2016

A brand new $1.6 million road in Cleveland is already in need of repairs. Dips and divots in the pavement, ODOT calls “shoveling,” is a problem along Prospect Avenue between E. 9th and E. 4th Street.

Crews spent a year tearing up Prospect between Ontario and E. 22nd Street. The project finished in the spring, but neighbors quickly noticed something was wrong.

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“Basically like riding a mini rollercoaster on my bike,” downtown resident Tom Horsman said, “As time went on, more of these bumps and protrusions in the road started to appear.”

ODOT blamed “extreme heat” from underground city pipes that are leaking steam. A Cleveland city spokesman said repairs are already in the works, but it’s an issue Horsman thinks engineers should have already known about.

“We should be doing jobs correctly from the get go,” he said.


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