New day, new problems: More complaints from residents at North Pointe Apartments in Euclid

Fromer tenant says she found maggots in closet
Posted at 5:37 PM, Jul 05, 2017
and last updated 2017-07-05 17:41:43-04

Bed bugs, cockroaches and mold.

The laundry list of issues at a massive apartment community in Euclid continue to grow.

So does the pressure to get the property riddled with problems inspected immediately.

Despite months of complaints about health and safety concerns from tenants, the City of Euclid still doesn't have a comprehensive report on the conditions residents are dealing with.

"They need to send somebody into that apartment building to really inspect it," said former North Pointe tenant India Wade.

Wade is the latest person to sound the alarm about problems at North Pointe Apartments.

"To me, North Pointe just needs to get shut down," said Wade.

Wade and her husband just broke their lease on a unit they say had water flowing underneath the carpet.

"Nobody responded to me when I called," said Wade.

The flooding started as a small trickle.

"The patches in our carpet turned into like a trail of water," said Wade.

Wade tells me as she struggled to get the staff to help, mold was growing in her bedroom closet and she didn't even know it.

"It was like mildew and maggots and baby roaches all underneath," said Wade.

That's when Wade and her husband sent their four-month-old son, Deon, to live with relatives for a few weeks until the family moved out on Sunday.

"Nobody should be subjected to those types of living conditions," said Daryl Langman, Euclid City Councilman.

Right now, Langman is demanding a detailed report on the current conditions at North Pointe.

When asked why the property still hasn't been inspected, Langman said that was a question for the folks at city hall.

The administration says it boils down to staffing. With 10,000 apartment units in Euclid, there is a strict inspection schedule and no one is available to inspect the North Pointe Apartments until later next month.

"There's no excuse for waiting any longer," said Langman.

A Euclid Municipal Court judge has given the property management company more time to tackle issues, telling the city things are moving in the right direction.

"You can't just take their word progress is being made, because too many tenants are telling you that progress has not been made," said Langman.

Langman says the only way to track progress is to inspect North Pointe immediately for the resident's sake.

"Government is their only protection from what has been bad management and we need to stop up and protect those people's interest," said Langman, 

Looking back at the laundry list of complaints, a spokesperson with Euclid's law department, which filed criminal charges against North Pointe's owner, says there have been steps taken to address the trash and rat infestation and they appear to be working.

Meantime, a structural engineer is slated to inspect the balconies to address safety violations. The city and property owner are due back in court August 10.