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North Olmsted man hit, killed crossing the street near Great Northern Mall

Posted: 10:57 AM, Nov 21, 2017
Updated: 2017-11-21 17:01:41-05
N. Olmsted man hit, killed crossing the street
N. Olmsted man hit, killed crossing the street

A pedestrian was struck and killed attempting to cross a street in North Olmsted on Monday night and we found others make the same mistake. 

A registered nurse who lives in the area and even tried to save the man after he was hit says there are too many people making that dangerous cross. 

The victim, identified as 56-year-old North Olmsted resident Robert R. Beehler, was walking south along Brookpark Road when he attempted to cross the street and was hit by a 2010 white Ford Fusion, police said.

"As a nurse, I don't think, I just do. And I just responded," Erika Feldt told News 5.

It's a response she's glad she made, running from her home to the tree lawn, where the man had just been hit by a car.

"I helped him out, kept him as stable as I could," she said.

Unfortunately, he didn't make it. 

Police said the 45-year-old driver of the car stopped at the scene. He has not been charged. Drugs and alcohol are not suspected as factors in the crash.

While investigators continue to look into the cause of the crash, News 5 caught people making the exact same mistake on Tuesday, to get to the mall.

"There's no crosswalk here. It's way down the street. But you can see that doesn't stop anyone," said Feldt. 

Police tell News 5 that stretch of road has not been a problem before but they are going to look into it.