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North Royalton couple issues warning after their newborn contracts COVID-19

Posted at 9:39 PM, Apr 08, 2020
and last updated 2020-04-09 11:16:48-04

NORTH ROYALTON, Ohio — Dawn and Sean Clancy of North Royalton quickly found themselves in battle with the coronavirus, after both Sean and their newborn baby boy tested positive for COVID-19

Eli Clancy was born without complications at Fairview Hospital on March 23, but the couple said 12 days later he had to be rushed to the hospital with COVID-19 symptoms.

“Eli was really lethargic, he wasn't acting how he had been normally acting, his eyes weren’t really opening,” Clancy said.

“There’s contact, symptoms, diagnosis and it all happened in a few days."

"I was down for the count and then a few days later Eli was."

“It was a helpless feeling that here I have this brand-new son and I can’t do anything for him, she can’t do anything for him."

"We can’t explain to him what’s going on.”

Clancy said he and his wife were taking all the needed precautions, but believes his step-daughter, who didn't show signs of symptoms, may have passed the virus onto both he and his son, while she was visiting the newborn.

Fortunately, both Clancy and Eli are making a good recovery and are resting at home.

The couple is keeping their distance from each other, sleeping in separate rooms, using different bathrooms and wearing masks until test results prove Clancy is no longer contagious.

The couple is receiving social media support on Facebook from hundreds across the county and is warning everyone to stay patient, stay home and continue to practice social distancing.

“Like 800 people, between our friends and family, in all states, Texas, North Carolina, Washington state, California,” Clancy said.

“Just stay home, keep your distance, two weeks at home is better than a month in the hospital.”