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Time is ticking for thousands of Ohio employers who still haven't cashed workers' comp rebate checks

Time is ticking for thousands of Ohio employers who still haven't cashed workers' comp rebate checks
Posted at 12:21 PM, Sep 26, 2018
and last updated 2018-09-26 12:30:22-04

Roughly 180,000 employers across Ohio were mailed $1.5 billion in rebate checks, and out of those employers, more than 5,500 employers are sitting on $10.8 million in uncashed checks, according to the Ohio Bureau of Workers' Compensation (BWC).

The checks have a 90-day shelf life and will begin expiring on Oct. 3, according to BWC.

“BWC will reissue checks but that will further delay employers’ access to their rebates,” said BWC Chief of Fiscal and Planning Barbara Ingram. “Employers can spend their rebates as they choose, whether that means hiring new employees, growing their business or investing in safety. They just need to get those checks to the bank quickly so they can begin putting their rebates to good use.”

BWC will credit an employer's account the amount of their rebate if they do not cash their check. Credits also apply to any outstanding balances owed by the employer. A new check will be issued for any remaining credit on the account.

Following is a list of remaining uncashed checks by issue date:

Issue Date         Expiration Date             Outstanding Number    Outstanding Amount

6/28/18               10/3/18                           44                                    $143,241.38

7/9/18                 10/12/18                         665                                  $2,246,544.71

7/11/18               10/16/18                         782                                  $1,539,251.04

7/13/18               10/18/18                         1,291                               $2,421,536.18

7/17/18               10/22/18                         1,611                               $3,016,371.74

7/19/18               10/24/18                         1,154                               $1,513,171.55

Total                                                         5,547                                $10,880,116.60


Employers can pay outstanding premiums, submit payroll reports and verify demographic information by logging into their e-account at