Founder of Random Acts of Kindness Everywhere says Olive Garden will donate to organization

Posted at 10:20 PM, Nov 30, 2016

A day after Ricky Smith, founder of Random Acts of Kindness Everywhere said he was asked to leave an Olive Garden in Parma, the restaurant said they will donate to his nonprofit. 

Smith said on Twitter Wednesday that, after talking to the Vice President of Operations at Olive Garden for almost an hour, the company had apologized for what happened Tuesday night. 

Tuesday night, Smith tweeted that he was asked to leave after his server at Olive Garden told his group she "didn't like serving blacks." The server was also black. When Smith asked the manager for a different server, he said he was told they would either have to keep the same server or leave. 

Smith tweeted Wednesday that both the server and manager are currently on leave.

To make up for the incident, Smith said Olive Garden is donating to Random Acts of Kindness Everywhere and is giving Smith and #RAKE $1,000 in gift cards to host families in need at the same location. 

Smith said it was a "solution to a messed up situation that can bring a little joy and hope to those in Cleveland and across the country."

However,the 911 call from an Olive Garden employee that night paints a different picture.

The caller said Smith's group was being "rowdy" and making racist comments. She also said they tried to buy alcohol for minors.

Smith disputed that claim on Twitter, saying everyone in the group was over the age of 23.